DJ AyeBert

DJ Ayebert was born and raised in Southern California during the age when DJs were as common as finding a Starbucks on every corner.  Because of the era’s inclination towards “spinning,” he was saturated with music and developed a genuine admiration for the DJ’s ability to control a crowd with subjective selection.  It wasn’t until 2001 when he decided to give the art of “DJing” a shot.  Once he got a sound system hooked up in his room, his love for music was amplified to an even greater level.  It was common to hear him practice until the break of dawn, honing his craft and mastering the skills necessary to become a competent disc jockey. When he wasn’t practicing, he could be found at the local record shops, browsing stacks of vinyl and buying the hottest tracks. He initially supplied his musical library with hip-hop, but slowly progressed to other genres of music such as House, Classic Rock, and Pop.

In 2004, DJ Ayebert began DJing commercially for local lounges and bars.  Two short years later, a notable promotions company, 21XL Events Co., signed him as a resident DJ for their current venues in Hollywood, CA.  As he continued spinning, his skills progressed, and he developed a devoted following to his music.  During that same year, DJ AyeBert also utilized his proclivity towards fashion and business to open a clothing boutique in Pomona, CA, specializing in high end street wear such as 10 Deep and Rogue Status, which are also his current sponsors.  From that point, he would run his shop during the day and DJ at night, frequenting arenas throughout the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas.

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